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In Atlanta the Residents activity programme is facilitated by our permanent staff and Activities Personnel.

We provide a wide variety of regular activities - Planned and Non Planned.  These include the following:-

Planned Activities Include: 

  • Day Trips to Dublin Zoo - Glenroe Farm - Powerscourt - Sea Life and various other outings

  • Mass every Week

  • Aromatherapy

  • Guitar playing with Vincent 

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Music and Dance

  • Parties for Celebrations such as Birthdays - Christmas – Easter - Wedding Anniversary - Halloween – St. Patrick’s Day - Major Sporting events!!

Non Planned Activities Can Include:

  • Doll Therapy

  • Book & Reminiscence Time

  • Domestic Involvement - Baking - Cleaning items - peeling fruit & Veg - fruit tasting - Vegetable Plot tended to by the Residents

  • Old time music

  • Individual interests from past history - Sensory Box  - Rummaging box - Make up Box - Arts and Crafts Box

  • Butterfly Moments

  • Card Playing

  • Movie Nights

  • We endeavour to design specific activities to cater for the needs of each Resident and value any suggestions from our Residents as to additional events. 

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