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Nursing Home

Welcome to Atlanta Nursing Home

Owner managed since 1987, Atlanta Nursing Home is a HIQA registered facility and approved for the Fair Deals Programme.


With our vast experience, we know that choosing the appropriate nursing home for yourself, or for your loved one, can be a very stressful time.  We will assist you throughout the process and provide all the information and time that you require to make this important decision. Prospective residents and their families are encouraged to visit Atlanta and experience at first hand our facilities.

Committed to person centred care, we respect your dignity and individuality, remembering at all times the importance of who you are and the significance of the decision that you are about to make.

Located just 5 minutes walk from the sea front, close to all amenities, and with a haven of secluded gardens and an elegant charm, Atlanta’s period grace and contemporary additions, renovations and upgrades, provides a modern service in an appealing atmosphere that offers calm and purpose to daily living.

Having chosen Atlanta, we work with each new Resident to identify, assess and agree their individual needs.  Each Resident's Care Plan reflects our commitment to ensuring that their stay in Atlanta is personalised to their needs as an individual. We encourage families to actively engage in the development of care plans and also to contribute to our regular Residents’ Meetings.

A copy of our Statement of Purpose, which gives a more detailed and comprehensive account of our service provision, is supplied to all prospective Residents and we encourage you to meet with us so that we can explain its contents and answer any queries that you might have.

Visiting Residents

Visiting Residents


The residential home has open visiting hours with regards to visiting residents. Visitors are not restricted in the times that they may visit the resident, or in the duration of their stay, however, visitors are requested, not to visit at mealtimes, unless they are assisting the resident with their meals.


This is to encourage residents to meet their nutritional and hydration requirements.

To respect the sleeping and resting habits of the residents and not attend too early or too late.




Breakfast at at time that suits the resident. Early risers or late morning.

Free Wifi


We have wifi for the residents who wish to watch Netflix or their favourite sports.



Purpose built garden with the residents in mind.

Daily Housekeeping


Daily cleaning. Special care for delicate items of clothing.



In house physio who knows each resident and their needs. Everyone gets some care.

In-Room Dining Service

In the dining room, sitting room, bedroom or in front of the telly. What ever makes you happy.


As qualified nurses, Tom and Noeleen Cahill, the directors of Atlanta Nursing Home Ltd, are actively involved, in the daily management of the nursing home.

About Us

With a dedicated staff of nurses, health care assistants and fully trained personnel, the majority of whom have worked with us for many years, the Atlanta Team prides itself in the personalised care that they deliver to our residents.




“I'm incredibly happy with the care my mother received in Atlanta. She made more friends there in recent years than the previous 30.”
-Emma C.




We on occasion take residents to the cinema. 

Cultural Sites


We do day trips to local heritage  and popular sightseeing sites.

Sunday Service


We have a local priest who has a good relationship with the residents come in for a weekly service.



Can't go wrong with bingo in Atlanta. Most of the residents join in.

Creative Workshops


We do some incredible arts and crafts with a twist. From a local artist who is great with the residents.

Zoo & Dog Therapy


A yearly trip to the zoo is always fun. We get great attendance. We also have dog therapy twice a month visit us.

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